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Adamant Entertainment is pleased to present the ICONS Character Folio, our official character generation program for ICONS: Superheroic Roleplaying. Click on cover image to visit product page at RPGNow. This Java Application runs on Windows, Mac and Unix systems (Java 1.6 required), and features: Random character creation with a click

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The Skeletron Key

Adamant Entertainment is pleased to present the first adventure for ICONS: Superpowered Roleplaying, written by ICONS designer Steve Kenson! A demonstration of Avatar Industries’ new SPARTAN (SPecial ARmored TANk) battlesuit for the military goes horribly wrong, leading the heroes into an adventure involving mercenaries, missing scientists, a dying corporate magnate,

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Adamant iPad Wallpapers

Here at Adamant, we’re pretty excited about the iPad and what it (and devices like it) will mean for the future of media consumption and creation. We didn’t even have our office iPad for a day before we were setting one of our cover images as our wallpaper! So, we

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