Free PDFs for Print Customers

Have you purchased a print copy of an Adamant release from your local game store?

If so, Adamant Entertainment is happy to send you a free PDF copy of the product you’ve purchased. Just scan your receipt and email it to Adamant, and we’ll send you a link to a complimentary download of the product on PDF. We’ll also contact your local store and see if there’s anything we can do for them, as well!

This offer is good for any Adamant product in print: Pathfinder releases, Savage Worlds releases, and ICONS!



  1. John Taber says:

    This is a WONDERFUL policy! I salute you! 😀

  2. blaster219 says:

    Wish I’d kept my receipt fir Icons now 🙁

  3. GMSkarka says:

    Drop me an email. We’ll work something out.

  4. Great policy. Thanks for doing this.

    Have you got a similar deal for people who buy print copies from your Lulu store? I’m thinking of buying Corsair:

    I’m looking to raid stuff for use with Spelljammer and getting a free PDF would increase the value of this product.

  5. GMSkarka says:

    Hold off on that — we’re releasing a new version of CORSAIR in stores next month, and the PDF deal applies there.

  6. Thanks for the warning, GMSkara. I passed it on (and the news of your free PDF for print offer) to the people over at The Piazza:

    But that has lead to another question. Someone I know (called Twin Agate Dragons) thinks that the new version of Corsair is going to be for Pathfinder. But some of use still play 3.5 (or even 3.0).

    Frank Mentzer (ExTSR) has been plugging a “multi-stat concept” over at The Piazza. Are you going to do that sort of thing and have Pathfinder/3.5/3.0 support in the one book or make it a Pathfinder-only version of Corsair?

    And if it is Patfinder-only, will you keep the old version up on the Lulu store, as an alternative option (perhaps with a modified description to let people know there is a PRPG version out there)?

    Sorry for the additional questions, but if this version is about to be yanked in a month, I’ll need to make a decision before then.

    BTW: I am one of the moderators at The Piazza, and I’d like to offer you an open invitation for you (or anyone else on your team) to come over, talk to fans of your existing and old stuff (and even post news about deals like this).

  7. GMSkarka says:

    It will be Pathfinder-branded, but playable across 3.X as well.

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