Post-Apocalypse PATHFINDER!

Heading out to GenCon, but we’ve just opened the pre-order on this, so I figured I’d make the official announcement. I won’t be able to answer many questions until I get back — although if you’d like to ask me at the show, feel free! We’re at the Cubicle 7 booth (#315).

Without further ado:

Civilization is cast in ruin, yet the Earth is reborn!

Wander the Wastelands and the Cities of the Ancients… Plunder technological treasures from long-hidden vaults… Fight to survive in a savage world of mutants, marauders and mental powers!

Warlords of the Apocalypse] brings the gonzo, over-the-top world of classic post-apocalypse science-fantasy to the Pathfinder rules system! In this 256-page hardcover you will find:

• A complete post-apocalypse setting
• Rules for mutations
• Rules for Psionic Powers
• Weapons, gear and treasure spanning technology levels from the New Dark Age to the advanced tech of the Ancients
• New monsters, and rules for mutating any compatible monster into entirely new threats
• A Random Adventure Generator and dozens of Adventure hooks
• Guidelines for bringing your existing Pathfinder characters into this setting, or creating native characters
•…and much more!

Plus, best of all: No card-gaming element added!

Warlords of the Apocalypse will ship to stores in December, but the pre-order is now available for $39.99 plus $7.95 shipping and handling. Pre-order customers will receive a copy of the game, and will also receive a complimentary advance PDF copy when the file is sent to the printer in November, and will also receive an exclusive PDF adventure written by Gareth-Michael Skarka, not available elsewhere!



  1. Evil Genius Prime says:


  2. DT Butchino says:

    Looks cool … will we get some previews of the contents? 🙂

  3. GMSkarka says:

    Soon. They’ll appear on the dedicated thread at paizo’s forum, and we’ll link to it here.

  4. DT Butchino says:

    Cool … thanks 🙂

  5. Aric Wieder says:

    Now that November is almost here, is there a tenative date as to when we can see the PDF? I ordered my copy through Cubicle 7.



  6. GMSkarka says:

    We’re a bit behind schedule. PDF will arrive in November, print version in early December.

  7. Aric Wieder says:

    Thanks for the information. I can’t wait for this come out.

  8. Tim Schaefer says:

    Can’t wait to hear more about this!
    In fact can you tell us more? I basically want to use it to play Gamma World, much like I use Pathfinder to play D&D, if you get my meaning.
    Will it have:
    Mutant Animals
    Jury-rigging weird science gizmos

  9. GMSkarka says:

    Yes to everything. You can read a bit more (just a bit — we haven’t gone into a lot of detail) on the Paizo forums here:

  10. Tim Schaefer says:

    Any previews or updates? Will it be out in time for Christmas?
    I haven’t been this excited about a game for a long time!

  11. Tim Schaefer says:

    Hello. Is this thing on?
    Any update on this product I’ve already bought?
    Any acknowledgment at all would be nice.

  12. GMSkarka says:

    We’re expecting that it will release in January (lots of delays on this end).

  13. Deadstop says:

    Any updates?

  14. SMKUN says:

    An update would be nice. It’s gettign a tad bit annoying now with all the delays.

  15. GMSkarka says:

    The PDF will be delivered to pre-order customers this month, with the book hitting stores next month.

  16. L Servideo says:

    Any word on whether this will be sold as only a PDF and when can we expect it, thanks.

  17. GMSkarka says:

    It will be both PDF and print. The PDF will be delivered to pre-order customers this month, and commercially available (along with the print version) next month.

  18. L Servideo says:

    Ok thanks, any idea on cost of the just the PDF.

  19. JT says:

    Was curious to know if this has been put on hold? I have been excited for this. Keep up the good work.

  20. GMSkarka says:

    We had a number of problems putting it together. It will be released this month.

  21. CrazyGoblinoid says:

    Is the pdf bundle preorder still available?

  22. GMSkarka says:

    I’m afraid not. We’ll be releasing the book this month, though.

  23. Tetsubo says:

    Has this gone vaporware?

  24. GMSkarka says:

    No, just the victim of pretty major shake-ups here at Adamant. We lost 3 different writers on the project, and now our Art Director/Layout Guy has left, so everything is delayed as we react to the staffing changes. It will come out, though (as will FAR WEST, ICONS TEAM-UP, BUCKAROO BANZAI and TALES FROM NEW CROBUZON — all major efforts that have been impacted).

  25. Chris Tooley says:

    Update on this please?

  26. GMSkarka says:

    I plan to have it out before Christmas.

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