Far West: Call For Artists

OK, we’re doing this one a bit differently, folks.

We need a solid stable of artists for our Far West transmedia project.

This isn’t going to be limited to illustration for the RPG. We’ll be doing a lot more: Comics, merchandise, fiction, animation, mobile applications, a web series and more.

This is a long term gig, and it’s absolutely crucial that we find artists who truly get what it is we’re doing — a very specific art direction we’re going to take, where the visuals for the project are as much of a mixed-media mash-up as the inspirations that went into the world’s design.

Because of that, we’re doing this as an audition. Interested artists will receive an audition pack which we’ll be sending out next week, which goes into specifics about what we’re looking for. From the instructions in this pack, we’ll be asking artists to produce some sample work in the projects’ style. We’ll be picking the best work and signing those artists to a long-term contract.

If you’re interested in being part of the audition, drop us an email, and we’ll add you to the list of folks who will receive the materials next week. Feel free to include a bit about what attracts you to the project, or any other information about yourself you feel is pertinent.

The audition packs will be sent out to prospective artists in the coming week.


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