Face of Mars

Adamant Entertainment is pleased to present Face of Mars, an adventure for our Savage Worlds setting of swords and science beneath the moons of Mars!

The garrulous old bargeman waited until his listeners were gathered on the deck, then he began to recount the ancient legend: “Once, before the canals were built, this was a great nation, a coastal nation, whose sea-ships fared far and wide across the world. It was ruled by mighty and wise leaders. The greatest of these Coast Lords was Noldes Bartarigan, called the ‘Emperor Who Turned His Face Skyward’, and the ‘Lord Whose Voice Becomes the Sun’. He was entombed up there, on the plateau, in an ageless tomb, provisioned for all Eternity.”

He glanced around, and beckoned for his listeners to draw closer. “But the legends say that, just as Emperor Noldes was great in his power and wealth, like many great men, his appetites were equally vast. He sought far and wide across all of Mars, and partook of every pleasure imaginable. The finest foods, wines, and women were his to sample at his leisure – but also the finest arts and poetry, and the conversation of the wisest and wittiest courtiers.”

“As he grew old on the throne, Emperor Noldes tired of pleasure. His appetites were unsated, yet he found no novelty anywhere, for he had experienced all. It was plain to him that final perfection had been attained. Thus he gathered his most valued and rarest goods together, and commanded his most noble and valued courtiers to attend him. He declared, by decree of his own Imperial will, that the magnificence of his court would live on beyond mortal death. His court itself would become eternal! He had a grand tomb built, fashioned in his own image, and when he breathed his last, he was interred there with all his goods — and all his courtiers, sealed in with him, alive!” The bargeman cackled at his listener’s shocked expressions.

Like most legends, there is a core of truth to the tale – but more has been lost than has been retained, and the truth of Emperor Noldes Bartarigan’s tomb is far stranger than the legend that is told! Can your heroes brave the perils and uncover the ancient secrets of the Face of Mars?

Face of Marsis a Savage Worlds adventure for three to five characters. As with all of Adamant Entertainment’s PDF products, the adventure is available for only $1.99. Not a sale price, not a temporary deal: Just killer apps for your game, at an app price.

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