FAR WEST Kickstarter!

Adamant Entertainment’s Kickstarter crowdfunding program for the limited edition of our FAR WEST Adventure Game went live yesterday… and reached it’s minimum funding goal in only fifteen hours! We’re still raising money, though — the more we raise, the more we can do! The Kickstarter will last until August 25th.

The FAR WEST Adventure Game is a tabletop RPG featuring blazing sixguns, over-the-top kung fu action and far-out steampunk inventions, where you and your friends can create the adventures of warriors who wander the Dust Road — fighting for their clans, their cause, the oppressed, or their own interests in an endless frontier that lies beyond the confines of civilization.

Explore the Thousand Mesas, Climb the peaks of the Eagle’s Claws, Walk the dangerous streets of Sedoa, the wicked city. Thwart the plans of the Steam Barons and the August Throne. Travel beyond the Last Horizon in an airship that stays aloft through control of the positive and negative furies that make up the entire world. All this and more await you in the Far West.
Check out the promotional video (and feel free to spread it around — we’re quite proud of it):

You can visit the Kickstarter by clicking on the link below the video, or by following this link. For more FAR WEST goodies, visit the main site at IntoTheFarWest.com.

We hope that you join us!


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  1. WHassinger says:

    Holy generosity, Batman! That thing’s already funded!

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