Due to multiple factors (cost of production, performance of The Villainomicon through distribution, and — to be completely honest –the relative weakness of initial orders through distribution) Adamant Entertainment has made some decisions regarding planned future ICONS releases, Adventure Omnibus One and ICONS TEAM-UP.

Adventure Omnibus One — a print collection of existing PDF adventures, is being cancelled, as initial orders through distribution were not particularly strong. The few people who pre-ordered the Omnibus will have their orders refunded today. PDF adventure support will continue, however — including a public release of the original ICONS pre-order adventure, The Sidereal Schemes of Doctor Zodiac by Steve Kenson, which originally was only released to pre-order customers of the ICONS core rulebook, and was to make it’s public debut in the Omnibus.

ICONS TEAM-UP will no longer be released through distribution, but will instead be available (in print) direct-to-consumer via the Adamant Entertainment and Cubicle Seven webstores. To be blunt, we feel that this will give us the best return on the sales of the book, and makes the most financial sense for our company.

As such, the pre-order period will be extended until APRIL 15th, 2012. Copies can be ordered at the Adamant Entertainment webstore. We urge you to do so, because the size of our print run will be based partly on our total pre-order numbers. (We will be ordering more than the pre-order, to stock both webstores, but the final number will be influenced heavily by the pre-order figures.) So please, if you’re wanting a copy, try to pre-order.

Pre-order customers will receive the PDF of ICONS TEAM-UP when it goes to the printer during the week of the 15th, and the book shipped to them soon after.

To head off the inevitable questions: This is ABSOLUTELY NOT an indication that ICONS is “dying”, or going away. These decisions just make the most financial sense for Adamant — keep in mind that on sales through distribution, a publisher (on average) only sees somewhere around 35% of the cover price. At the numbers we’re talking about, it just makes more sense for us to do this direct to you, the gaming consumer.

Thank you for your understanding, and watch for announcements of further ICONS releases soon!



  1. greywulf says:

    A sensible (if no doubt difficult to make) decision. I wish you all the absolutely very best for the future!

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