Miracles and Wonders

Adamant Entertainment, the very first Pathfinder support publisher, returns to the field with this optional addition to  your Pathfinder campaign: Miracles & Wonders.

For over thirty years now, Divine Magic in RPGs has been treated as little more than a poor man’s version of Arcane magic — different in spell lists, but treated as essentially identical. Still based on a certain number of spells per day, with predefined effects, etc.

Likewise, playing a cleric, druid or paladin often ignored the things that make those classes more than just a different kind of magic-user, or a fighter who can heal wounds and turn undead.

All of that ends now.

Miracles & Wonders gives Pathfinder GMs and players a completely new system for handling divine magic. Divine miracle-workers call upon their deity directly, asking for a miracle at the moment it is needed, and the GM, roleplaying the Power in question, dictates the exact result based upon the character’s accumulated reserve of divine Grace, their success at Invocation (and subsequent Humility), the Hubris they have incurred and scope of the miracle sought.

Using this system, miracles of biblical scope can be played out within the game setting, returning the quality of wonder, might and world-shaking importance that accompanies miracles throughout mythology.

Included in this 32-page PDF supplement are:

  • Doctrines of Service, which help determine the character’s accumulation of Grace and Hubris.
  • Benedictions (ongoing or permanent abilities)
  • The seven basic types of Miracles: Creation, Dominion, Health & Healing, Insight, Protection & Warding, Smiting, and Summoning & Banishing…all ranged in scope from subtle to mythic.
  • The loss of powers: Rebukes and Execration
  • Recovery of powers through Atonement.
  • …plus notes on Roleplaying deities, adventure hooks and more!

Miracles and Wonders gives the flavor and power of myth and legend to your Pathfinder campaign.

Available now in PDF from RPGNow, as well as DriveThruRPG, and coming soon to the Paizo store.



September 2013