A Decade

3417810167-1.jpgI originally meant to post this yesterday, but I was too busy with preparing Far West for release this month — which seems like a really fitting reason to miss the observation: Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of Adamant Entertainment.

Adamant has existed for longer than that — I started it as a design studio, and we produced Skull and Bones for Green Ronin. BnB1But Adamant did not exist as a production company until November 7th, 2003, when we released the first issue of Buccaneers & Bokor, an “ezine” of content for use with Skull & Bones or any other pirate-themed d20 campaign.

If you’d like to check it out, I’ve made it free for this anniversary month. Click on the cover over on the right.

That’s not the extent of the celebration for our anniversary, of course. Ten years is a long time to have been able to do what you love for a living, and I owe that to all of you. You’ve stuck with us through delays and set-backs, have sent emails saying how much you enjoy the things that we produce, and my gratitude is far larger than I can ever adequately express.

For the time being, I’ll be putting my shoulder back to the wheel, getting our long-awaited and far-too-long-delayed Far West released. Then, as has become traditional, Adamant Entertainment will be doing our Anniversary and Thanksgiveaway sale starting the day after Thanksgiving — and this year we’ll be doing some very special things.

Thank you for the past decade. I think you’ll like what we do in the next one.

Gareth-Michael Skarka
Adamant Entertainment
8th November, 2013



November 2013