ion_guardAdamant Entertainment is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of ION GUARD — COSMIC HEROES, an expanded and revised second edition of the ION GUARD campaign setting for ICONS, licensed from Radioactive Ape Designs.

Soaring through space, wielding the power of an exploding sun, staring down an armada of battleships, wrestling with the ageless expressions of gravity and time – these are the exploits of cosmic heroes. They operate on a level beyond most supers, facing mighty challenges that match their own immense reserves of power.

The Intergalactic Ordinance Network (ION) Guard is a heroic peacekeeping organization that has served to protect and defend the intelligent species of the many sectors of the Universe for the last billion years. Each Guardsman – wearing the iconic golden ION Fist that has become synonymous with justice for many intergalactic inhabitants – is a cosmic powerhouse, capable of bringing the vast forces of an artificially harnessed singularity to bear against the enemies of peace, justice, and life. Throughout the Universe they strive against evil and darkness. Though powerful, they are spread all too thin: they are but small lights, beacons of hope in the vast darkness of space.

ION GUARD – COSMIC HEROES provides you with the tools you need to supercharge your ICONS game into the cosmic realm:

  • Full guidelines for creating cosmic characters (whether ION Guard members, or other space-faring heroes), with advice on powers and aspects;
  • Advice for constructing exciting adventures and campaigns on a cosmic scale;
  • Guidance on dealing with the really big numbers that define cosmic games, including new ICONS rules extensions to deal with common cosmic
  • Insight into the deep mysteries of the universe, and how to use them in your cosmic adventures;
  • A full cosmic hero campaign setting — the universe of the ION Guard — including detail on alien species, planets, technology and more!

“Space-based superheroics has always been a major love of mine,” says Gareth-Michael Skarka, director of Adamant Entertainment. “So I jumped at the chance to do a new expanded edition of ION GUARD, which I’ve always considered one of the best products ever released for use with ICONS, and one of the best expressions of the cosmic-hero genre ever published. The fact that we’re also able to include the material originally slated for the never-released ALIEN EMPIRES supplement is a massive bonus as well — and combined with an in-depth guide to the overall cosmic-hero genre, this makes ION GUARD – COSMIC HEROES the definitive ICONS sourcebook for space-faring super heroics.”

“Long before I even wrote ION Guard, I knew Gareth as a big fan of the cosmic supers genre, especially the famed force of emerald-clad watchmen that inspired my creation of the ION Guard.” says Colin Chapman of Radioactive Ape Designs. “With Gareth taking the reins, I feel that the Guard are in good hands, in the hands of someone who, like me, loves the genre. In the hands of someone who can continue to do them justice.”

ION GUARD – COSMIC HEROES will be released in December, exclusively available in both print and digital formats via RPGNOW, DriveThruRPG, and the Adamant website.



November 2013