In Print For The First Time… MARS Adventure Omnibus

144707Adamant Entertainment presents four tales of intrigue and adventure beneath the moons of Mars! For use with our Savage Worlds setting of sword-and-planet action, the MARS Adventure Omnibus collects the following adventures, previously only available in PDF, in print for the first time.

• FACE OF MARS: The heroes brave the perils and uncover the ancient secrets of the tomb of the legendary Emperor of Mars, a vast structure fashioned in his own image! Yet the truth of Emperor Noldes Bartarigan’s tomb is far stranger than the legends that are told…

• BLOOD LEGACY OF MARS: When an impoverished noble discovers a royal birthmark on a wastrel poet and playwright, he immediately knows what it means: he has a way back into Baltan high society, Coat-tailing on the mysterious Prince’s fame as deposed royalty! Unfortunately for this patron of the arts, there are political forces who would see his protege dead — and other political forces who would use him as a figurehead for a Royalist counter-revolution! Enter the heroes, as friends or asssociates of the poet or his patron, caught in a web of intrigue, assassination and violence: the dangers of the Blood Legacy of Mars!

• SELL-SWORDS OF MARS: The heroes are working as mercenaries, seeking adventure among the lesser independent cities of Mars. When an attack dams up the only canal of the city of Pi-Ramesh, the city’s young Queen hires these Sell-Swords of Mars to come to her aid as the city’s lifeblood dries up. Can the heroes stop the onslaught of a seemingly unstoppable enemy, and save the weakened city? This adventure comes with the bonus Warriors of Mars miniatures rules, for use with the free-to-download Savage Worlds SHOWDOWN system from Pinnacle!

• SOUL-THIEVES OF MARS: The heroes are hired by a trade caravan as guards, and travel to the city of Ban Ma Terril. One of the merchants of the city warns them that something is going on — people in the city have begun to act strangely: Hollow, as if their very wills were not their own… as if someone or something had stolen their very souls! The investigation will lead to mystery, intrigue and murder, as the heroes are drawn into the machinations of a secret society that threatens the entire Red Planet!

The MARS Adventure Omnibus is available in print exclusively via RPGNow and DriveThruRPG.



March 2015