Adamant 2.0 Coming Soon…

eventnid_18675__395x310Adamant is coming back.

Over the past few years, things have been a bit rough. Our output has slowed to a crawl, buried behind the log-jam of Far West and major life upheavals. But, as we now approach the long-awaited delivery and release of the Far West core rulebook, we’re prepping what feels like a re-launch of Adamant Entertainment. Keep an eye on this site and on our twitter account and our Facebook page for further news and announcements.

To kick everything off: Adamant Entertainment is looking for freelancers.

We’re going to be needing freelance writers and artists for the following lines:

  • Far West: Our setting that mashes up Chinese Wuxia and Spaghetti Westerns.  We’ll be producing RPG releases, fiction, other games, and more. For more information, see the Far West website.
  • Savage Worlds: We currently have two Savage settings:  The 1930s pulp of Thrilling Tales, and the classic sword-and-planet adventure of Mars.  We’ll be adding additional settings soon, and we’ll be looking for writers versed in the Savage Worlds system for all of the lines.
  • Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons: We’re going to be doing some 5th Edition support, both for general-campaign use, and in a unique campaign setting we’ll be rolling out.
  • ICONS: We’d like to get back to supporting ICONS, the superheroic roleplaying game that Adamant originally published, and we have the opportunity, thanks to the ICONS Compatibility License that Steve Kenson’s Ad Infinitum Adventures has continued!

ARTISTS: If you have already contacted Adamant in the past, there’s no need to do so again — we have your contact information on file, and will be sending out solicitations for work in the near future. If you haven’t contacted us in the past, please email, with a link to samples (please, do not send attachments) and your rate.

(If you have contacted us in the past, but there’s a particular line you’d like to work on, go ahead and drop us a line and let us know, so we can tailor the contact lists accordingly.)

WRITERS: If you’re a writer, send an email to, with a little bit about yourself, any applicable published credits, if there’s any product line you’re especially interested in, and if you’d like to be considered for fiction. We are willing to work with new writers, as well as more experienced pros, so if you have no applicable published credits, please give us some idea of your system experience. As with the artists, please do not send attachments. If you wish for us to look at samples, etc., a link will be fine.

So there ya go — we hope to hear from you soon, and look forward to having some great folks onboard with us for the semi-sorta-relaunch of Adamant Entertainment. We’re looking forward to getting back to work!



May 2016