A New Start & A New Face

revealAs we had discussed in our last update, the past few years have been a definite fallow period for Adamant Entertainment. So we’ve decided to do a re-launch of sorts — or in Doctor Who parlance, a Regeneration: A renewal, with revived energy, and a new look.

This website, and the image above, represents some of that new look. A new company logo (the old one had been around since we launched in 2003) for re-branding, and a new look for our lines, both old and new. Above, you’ll see some ‘bullets’ for some of lines — some you might recognize, some you might be able to guess at, and some haven’t yet been announced…

A big part of this renewal is a welcome new addition to the Adamant Entertainment team: Our new “Minister Without Portfolio”, Eric Trautmann. Part graphic designer, part creative director, part editor, we’re going with “Production Designer” as his official title.

Eric_Biopic_1000x1000_72dpi_for AdamantEric Trautmann was a staff writer and line editor for West End Games’ acclaimed STAR WARS Roleplaying Game, as well as contributing to that company’s Necroscope and Indiana Jones lines.

Later, he was a founding member of Microsoft’s entertainment licensing apparatus and spearheaded the publishing programs for Halo and Perfect Dark. While at Microsoft, he also wrote dialogue for the PC games Crimson Skies and MechCommander 2, and Xbox game Halo: Combat Evolved (among others), and was (briefly) part of the team that generated “The Beast,” a widely-praised alternate reality game promoting the film, A.I.: Artificial Intelligence.

He has written comics and graphic novels for DC Comics, DC/Vertigo, Dynamite Entertainment and Image Comics, including Flash Gordon, Red Sonja, Vampirella, a well-regarded Justice Society of America miniseries, JSA VS. KOBRA: Engines of Faith, and coauthored Action Comics and Checkmate with Greg Rucka. In addition, he penned (with Brandon Jerwa) the PRISM-award winning original graphic novel, Shooters and is currently the series graphic designer for the Image Comics series Lazarus, Black Magick and the newly announced The Old Guard.

He resides in the Pacific Northwest and spends most of his time in his wife’s comic book and gaming store, Gabi’s Olympic Cards & Comics in Lacey, WA, and can be found online at www.erictrautmann.us.

We’re absolutely thrilled to have Eric aboard, and can’t wait to show you everything we’ve got in store for you.

Watch this space…



September 2016