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Free PDF copies

Have you purchased a print copy of an Adamant release from your local game store?

If so, Adamant Entertainment is happy to send you a free PDF copy of the product you’ve purchased. Just scan your receipt and email it to Adamant, and we’ll send you a link to a complimentary download of the product on PDF. We’ll also contact your local store and see if there’s anything we can do for them, as well!

This offer is good for any Adamant product in print: Pathfinder releases, Savage Worlds releases, and ICONS!



Character Sheets

MARS Character Sheet
MARS Character Sheet, designed by Scott Woodard.

THRILLING TALES Character Sheet, based on a design by Scott Woodard.




PERIL IN FREEPORT Errata: Replaces the missing text from the end of Chapter One.




iPad Wallpapers: Properly sized to be viewable in landscape or portrait mode!

MARS cover art by Eric Lofgren

Face of Mars cover art by Jesús García López

Warriors of Mars cover by Jesús García López

Thrilling Tales cover by Brian K. Hamilton, under license from Steve Peterson