Adamant Entertainment is always looking to work with talented freelancers.

We are actively seeking freelancers from underrepresented groups. Experience is a plus, but not required. We value talent more than an existing track record of releases. Do not talk yourself out of applying!

Our current needs:


Role-playing Games

Adamant is currently accepting pitches for Thrilling Tales, our Savage-Worlds based 1930s pulp line. We have more lines forthcoming, including Far West and Broadsword (a line of products compatible with 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons), and are willing to accept pitches for those as well. We are also always open to pitches for new products. Send your pitches to


Adamant will be producing tie-in fiction for many of our lines — our Far West line has already begun, both in print and in short fiction for the website. We’re also interested in potential releases that tie in to our other game lines. In addition, Adamant is planning a line of fiction unrelated to our game lines, hearkening back to the genre (Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, Adventure) paperbacks of the 1950s through the 1980s: 60K-80K “trash paperbacks” — the sort of stuff that teachers and parents assured you would “rot your brain.” Interested writers should send queries to


Adamant is actively seeking artists for both interior and cover work on our game lines, as well as cover work on our fiction projects.

Interested artists should send an email with their current rates and a link to online samples to Please, do not send attachments.


Adamant Entertainment is currently looking for freelancers in the following areas:

  • • Musicians: Adamant Entertainment has a music label. Our first release was a tie-in to Far West, but we’re interested in expanding, not only to tie-ins to our other lines, but general music releases as well. Send a query, with a link to samples of your work, to
  • • Programmers: We are considering moving into production of interactive media and mobile applications. If you have the coding chops, let us know. Conversely, if you are already a producer of interactive media, we are willing to discuss licensing for any of our properties. Contact Gareth-Michael Skarka/a> to discuss.